The Flow from Consultation to Delivery



Please feel free to contact us by phone, fax or e-mails, etc. We will review your request of material, size, surface treatment method, production lot numbers and usage of your desired ball.


Show us your drawings! Rough sketch is fine!

Please show us your drawings for your quotation. If drawings are unavailable, rough sketch is fine. If it is possible to send us an actual product, we will draft a drawing based on the product.



We will make arrangements to discuss about the details of the product based on the drawing. We will propose an estimate after deciding on the specifications such as size tolerance of each parts, sphericity, surface roughness, etc.


Ordering and Payment

If you agree on the quotations and place us an order, you will be receiving an e-mail from PayPal about your payment. We can proceed to the manufacturing when we confirm the completion of the payment through PayPal.


PayPal is a payment service used throughout the world. It is a safer and more convenient payment service. At KVB, you can use PayPal free without any commission charges.

  • ・The Reason Why PayPal is Chosen
    ~Many people around the world are using PayPal to enjoy on-line shopping with more assurance.~

    ①Credit card information is managed by PayPal. The information will not be send to on-line stores.

    ②Input of credit card information in not required at the time of purchase. That is why the payment is easy.

  • ・PayPal account is required to pay by PayPal.
  • ・Sometimes approval from PayPal is required again when payment price had changed due to some changes with options after the completion of orders, or in cases when the customer’s PayPal account had insufficient funds.
  • ・The actual payment from the PayPal account is at the time of the product shipment.
  • ・For more details, please check here.(

    *You cannot use the option to specify the delivery date and time.

    *You cannot use PayPal payment for overseas delivery.

    *You can use credit cards or bank transfers for the payment from the Paypal account.


Manufacturing and Delivery

Products are manufactured based on the information shared at the briefing session or on the drawing. We will deliver products responding to your needs after in-house consistent manufacturing with high precision technology and thorough quality control.