We cut any material in a spherical shape.

Our core technology is "sphere processing " (technology for precision cutting and polishing of spheres). We develop our own machines such as cutting machine, polishing machine, lapping machine, and buffing machine, so we can achieve the "ideal true sphere" and "surface roughness" required by the global market. This core technology of sphere processing is strongly related to the quality of our customers' products. We can provide high quality products to various industrial fields that require balls and spheres.

Support prototyping and small lot production.

画像 We sometimes receive requests to manufacture from a single piece. We can accept such orders for single items. We have an abundant stock of various sizes of stainless steel or forged materials and bars. We can manufacture from a single piece by using our originally developed processing machines.

We also support for customers’ requests such as "We have created design drawings, but we don't know what the product will look like when it is actually made, so we want to check it out before mass production.” Customers can see the product in action and can make a judgment. We will listen to your requests for materials and specifications and propose the most suitable processing method.

List of materials we can support.

Austenitic stainless steel
(SUS303・SUS304・SUS304L・SUS316・ SUS316L・SUS317 etc)
Martensitic stainless steel
(SUS630・SUS403・SUS440C etc)
Duplex stainless steel
(SUS329J1・SUS329J4・254SMO etc)
All types of iron
(SS・S45C・SUJ2・SMC435 etc)
Brass Inconel Zirconium Hastelloy Tungsten carbide
Aluminum Meteco 16c Kovar Tantalum Cobalt chrome
Monel Incolony Gunmetal Ceramic Magnesium
(Corrosion resistant alloy)
Colmonoy Titanium Stellite Aluminium bronze

Thermal spraying

We can do thermal spraying or plating with special alloys on spherical surfaces. This increases the durability and wear resistance of the product.

Product sizes we can support

We can manufacture balls in a wide range of sizes, from 8mm to 1,200mm sphere diameter and from 1/4B to 30B bore. Balls smaller than 8 mm or special materials are also available. Please feel free to contact us. Let us see your drawings first. We will manufacture exactly according to the drawings.

If any, please contact us via Contact Page